Owen Sound ranked among Canada’s top 25 growth cities

A look down main street Owen Sound (Photo by Ryan Drury)

Migration from densely populated urban areas to less crowded, more affordable outlying markets was a recurring theme last year in Canada according to transactional data compiled for the annual U-Haul Growth Index. The data ranked Owen Sound ninth amongst Canada’s top 25 growth cities.

An Owen Sound media release said the data supports Council’s work to be a Prosperous City and A City that Grows as identified in the City’s Refreshed Strategic Plan.

The U-Haul Growth Index is compiled according to the net gain of one-way U-Haul trucks arriving in a city, or province, versus departing from that city, or province, in a calendar year. Migration trends data is compiled from more than 2 million one-way U-Haul truck transactions that occur annually across Canada and the U.S.

The media released continued, “Recently, the City was named a finalist for two Economic Developers Council of Ontario Awards of Excellence Categories; one for the River District Action Plan and one for the City’s Work from Home Capital of Canada initiative. The Work from Home Capital of Canada© initiative was created to capitalize on the desire and ability of people to work from home on a more permanent basis during the global pandemic. The six-week campaign was built on the foundation of the City’s ‘Are You Most’? campaign (2018 EDCO Innovative Community Award) and intended to separate Owen Sound from similar municipalities looking to attract the same demographic by creating a thought-provoking campaign that stood out as unique.”

“I am happy to see Owen Sound and Port Elgin ranked ninth among Canada’s top 25 growth cities in the 2021 U-Haul migration trends. This indicates how well we are attracting and maintaining residents. As a prosperous welcoming and inclusive community, we are committed to growth and making Owen Sound a place where you want to live and work!” said Mayor Ian Boddy.

The media release concluded, “While U-Haul migration trends do not correlate directly to population or economic growth, the U-Haul Growth Index is an effective gauge of how well cities are both attracting and maintaining residents. U-Haul is an authority on migration trends thanks to its expansive network that blankets all 10 Canadian provinces and 50 states.”