Counties join together to support “clean energy future”

Bruce, Grey and Huron counties announced recently that they are joining together to support a “clean energy future.”

In a joint release this week, the counties say they have all committed to the Nuclear Innovation Institutes Clean Energy Frontier program. The release states the program “builds on the region’s advantages in clean energy. Working with local communities, governments, and industry stakeholders, the program will position the region as Canada’s Clean Energy Frontier by taking a forward-looking approach to foster local clean energy advancements and demonstrate leadership in reaching a net zero carbon emissions future.”

The release goes on to say this program will build on the work of the Nuclear Economic Development and Innovation
Initiative, which is a joint venture between Bruce County and Bruce Power. That venture has brought over 60 clean energy supply chain companies to the Huron, Bruce and Grey tri-county region. The Clean Energy Frontier is the successor to that former program.

“One of our greatest strengths as a region is the foresight and commitment to seizing new opportunities, which is continually shown by our local governments in Bruce, Grey, and Huron,” says John Peevers, Director of Community, Media Relations and Economic Development at Bruce Power. “At Bruce Power, we are proud to operate in the heart of rural Ontario and work with our communities to build the tri-county region into Canada’s Clean Energy Frontier.”

“Bruce County is very proud to be working alongside our regional partners in Grey and Huron and with the Nuclear Innovation Institute to build new opportunities in clean energy here at home. All while demonstrating our region’s role in a clean energy future,” adds Janice Jackson, Warden of Bruce County. “I am confident that, by working together, we will stake our claim as Canada’s Clean Energy Frontier.”

“Much like climate change itself, innovation and collaboration are not constrained by municipal boundaries,” notes Selwyn Hicks, Warden of Grey County. “Grey County is excited to be part of the Clean Energy Frontier and we are looking forward to our region seizing new opportunities and playing a leadership role in our drive toward a net zero carbon future.”

“Huron County is a forward-looking and innovative municipality. We recognize that we all have a role to play in a clean energy future,” says Glen McNeil, Warden of Huron County. “We are proud to work with Bruce and Grey Counties and the Nuclear Innovation Institute to show that a strong, healthy future starts right here in the Clean Energy Frontier.”