Pandemic exacerbates Huron County housing shortage

( file photo)

Huron County’s Economic Development Director says housing is one of the biggest issues in the county right now.

Cody Joudry says the problem certainly isn’t unique to Huron County, its a problem all over Canada and in most parts of the world that has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Joudry says, in order to address the problem in Huron County they need more information.

“So who’s out there, who’s interested in housing in Huron County and what kind of housing is it that they’re interested in,” said Joudry. “And then we ask some other questions that allow us to quantify and really understand and articulate the need.”

Huron County is asking residents to fill out a survey that also asks a few other questions that will help them effectively meet the needs of the people that are looking for housing in Huron County.

“And from there we have some projects that we’ll be able to move forward once we identify exactly, not just quantity, but the quality of that data, so that we can quantify the need and understand the details of the need,” said Joudry.