Bruce County studies safety of a Walkerton intersection

Bruce County will use the results of a camera safety study to improve the intersection at Durham Street, which is also called Bruce Road 4, and McNab Street.

Published highlights from Bruce County Council’s recent meeting reported that the study was also intended to ensure improvements to major issues affecting pedestrian safety at the intersection. This will be done by designing and installing a pedestrian crossing at the McNabb Street and Durham Street intersection. The pedestrian crossing is expected to be in place by 2022.

The highlights reported the analysis by Transoft Solutions included a near miss analysis, intersection design analysis, video clips, and a technical report which provided recommendations for how to improve safety at this intersection. True North Safety Group (TNS) were also consulted to provide potential safety improvements and identified key safety issues like pedestrians crossing the road unsafely, illegal traffic movements from Tim Hortons onto  Bruce Road 4 which could be removed, and a warrant for traffic signals.

The report says longer term recommendations include a redesign of the intersection and road approaches as well as the installation of traffic signals. However, the planned Durham Street bridge replacement project scheduled for 2024 means they will have to wait until the bridge work is under design to incorporate the intersection plans into that design.

Due to the the bridge alignment may impact the road alignment meaning if any work was completed now, there may be changes needed later to tie into the new bridge.