EPCOR continues work to bring natural gas to Southern Bruce

Epcor Southern Bruce Natural Gas Project

EPCOR continues to prepare to install natural gas services by using spray paint and flags in locations that need to be excavated to install the natural gas project in Southern Bruce. Workers are marking sites in Kincardine,  parts of Huron Kinloss, and Inverhuron.  They move to Tiverton in September.

EPCOR restarted the Southern Bruce Natural Gas Project in May and construction will continue throughout the summer season.

At the end of the construction season, EPCOR will fully restore these disturbed areas. For work taking place late in the fall, the restoration will be completed in the spring when conditions are suitable.  Affected streets, alleys and sidewalks will be fully repaired once construction is complete.

Construction partner, AECON, is identifying telecommunications and hydro utilities and marking them to confirm their placement and ensure work is performed safely for crews working on the site and the communities where they are working. This work is required under the Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act. Homeowners who have underground sprinklers, irrigation systems or invisible dog fences should contact EPCOR (1-888-765-2256 or at gas@epcor.com) to alert them of these systems as they cannot be found with utility locators.

“In the community, many properties have landscaping or driveways that extend on top of the public utility corridor. Utility companies will be spray painting and placing flags on properties to identify these underground services. EPCOR is asking the community to leave markers in place until they complete their underground work to prevent service disruptions, costly repairs, or personal injury,” said Susannah Robinson, EPCOR’s Vice President, Ontario Region.

All this work is underway to install a network of natural gas lines that will eventually connect to smaller individual lines on properties of customers throughout the Southern Bruce area that have signed up for natural gas service. Earlier this month, the community received a mailer from EPCOR outlining the process, benefits, and options natural gas brings to homeowners.

“It’s a convenient, reliable and affordable way to energize your home. Plus, there are appliances that run on natural gas that can really upgrade your home. Homeowners and businesses interested in signing up must do so before August 1 or they may have to wait to be hooked up in the coming years,” said Robinson.