Huron-Bruce candidates meet in Goderich

Huron-Bruce federal candidates met in Goderich Wednesday, Sept.25th. (Bob Montgomery photo)

Most of the candidates at a Huron-Bruce all-candidates meeting in Goderich Wednesday night agreed there are too many people in the riding living below what would be considered the poverty level.

Ben Lobb – Huron-Bruce incumbent Conservative MP (Bob Montgomery photo)

Conservative incumbent Ben Lobb said one thing that’s hidden in the unemployment figures is that some people are working as many as three jobs just to get by. Lobb said that Huron-Bruce has a very large service industry, and a huge labour shortage.

“We have a huge labour shortage in the service industry and we need to find affordable housing, we need to open up land for new residential development and we need to look at different ways to have this housing,” he said.

Liberal candidate Allan Thompson does not agree with the Conservative’s solution to bridging the wage gap.

Allan Thompson – Huron-Bruce Liberal candidate (Bob Montgomery photo)

“There’s a real disconnect between the Liberal approach, which is focused tax cuts on those in lower-income brackets, who need a break and the Conservative approach… give everyone a two per cent tax cut. That’s OK for the people who are in the lower tax brackets, but it also helps someone who’s making half a million dollars a year,” he said.

Climate change and recycling were also big issues during the Goderich debate.