No vaping or smoking at new Goderich park

One Goderich councillor is hoping that all smoking and vaping will be banned from all of the town’s municipally-owned parks.

Trevor Bazinet said council approved a motion he recently made that smoking and vaping should be banned from the new Bannister Park.

“We had some concerns about the smoking and the vaping at the park and I made a motion at our last council meeting that there should be no smoking and vaping at the park.  So now there are actually signs in place on all the fields to let people know no smoking or no vaping in the area,” said Bazinet. “You have kids playing everywhere and kids should not be around that, around smoke at all, it’s not healthy. If people want to smoke they can go elsewhere and smoke. You should never smoke near a child.”

Signs regarding no smoking and no vaping are already in place at the park.