The newly renovated and reopened Grey County Administration Building in Owen Sound (Photo by Kirk Scott)

Grey County has a new plan for the next 20 years

Grey County’s new official plan is now in effect.

After three years of engagement, drafts and reviews, the province approved the plan to guide the county for the next 20 years.

Grey County kicked off the official plan review in May of 2016, calling the process Recolour Grey. For more than a year, County staff were out in the community, attending events across all nine local municipalities

Public workshops were hosted in all nine local municipalities in the summer of 2017 to share findings, collect feedback, and fine-tune ideas. A first draft of the new plan was written throughout 2017.

On October 25, 2018, a draft of the plan was approved by Grey County Council and sent to the province for review and comment. The province responded in the spring of 2019 with recommendations which were supported by council. The plan was revised one last time in May of 2019 time and received formal approval from the province in June.

“Public input is key when developing any official plan,” said Director of Planning Randy Scherzer. “We know our plan is strong because we had great participation in the Recolour Grey process. Thank you to everyone who filled out a survey, attended a meeting, or stopped to talk to us at an event. Your input will have a lasting impact on the future of Grey County.”

Municipal engagement was also an important part of Recolour Grey.

“It’s important for the Grey County Official Plan to support local plans and strategies too. Keeping the local municipalities involved throughout Recolour Grey was a big part of the process,” said Scherzer.

The province applauded the county’s collaboration with stakeholders and the public. The county is hearing from other municipalities who want to take a similar approach.