Saugeen Shores council: (Back row) Councillor Dave Myette, Councillor Kristan Shrider, Councillor John Rich, Councillor Cheryl Grace, Councillor Jami Smith, Councillor Matt Carr (Front row) Deputy Mayor Don Matheson, Mayor Luke Charbonneau, Vice-Deputy Mayor Mike Myatt (photo by Jordan MacKinnon)

Charbonneau wants Nuclear Innovation Institute in Saugeen Shores

The newly-inaugurated mayor of Saugeen Shores is getting down to business.

Luke Charbonneau officially took the oath of office on Monday after being acclaimed to the post in July¬†and said settling on a location for Bruce Power’s proposed Ontario Nuclear Innovation Institute is his top priority.

He said they are working to find the perfect new location for the institute within Saugeen Shores after Bruce Power pulled out of its original plan to build the institute in Southampton, due to community concerns with the location.

Charbonneau said he is calling on the community to come together and support whatever location is chosen.

“Let’s rally around it, let’s make it happen, and let’s be positive today, let’s not look to the past, let’s not worry about how we got to where we are today,” said Charbonneau. “Let’s be optimistic and energetic about where we’re going and be optimistic that we’re going to get there, because I know we will.”

Charbonneau pointed out Saugeen Shores is growing fast, and he’s committed to helping address the issues arising out of that, namely affordable housing and a labour shortage.

He said he’s looking forward to getting a better grasp on those issues in his role as a county councillor.

Saugeen Shores Clerk Linda White [right] places the chain of office on Mayor Luke Charbonneau (photo by Jordan MacKinnon)