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Wellington County OPP aim to keep hunting safe

Wellington County OPP has some reminders for hunters this season.

Enthusiasts must always gain permission to access any property.

Police say one of the biggest complaints against hunters is trespassing.

Multiple hunting parties and unknown terrain can quickly turn deadly.

It’s also a good idea to inform your neighbours about any hunting activities on your property to prevent surprises or calls to police.

You should always be aware of what’s behind your target and shoot in a safe direction.

Stray bullets have the potential to kill.

Have a start and finish time and location, which follows regulations, and let someone know. This way if you fall into trouble a search can be quickly started.

Have a backup plan. This includes methods of removing game or dealing with an injury.

For every weapon, there are specific acquisition and possession codes. Always follow these codes for the weapon you carry.

Be sure of your game, your zone and your date. Always follow the Ministry of Natural Resources guidelines to what, where and when certain animals can be taken and always ensure you have properly registered for tags and/or licences and are following those rules.