Sarnia City Council. photo by Melanie Irwin

Sarnia Council Will Consider Adding Deputy Mayor Position

Sarnia council will consider changes to the city’s procedure by-law, including the creation of a Deputy Mayor, when it meets on Monday.

The position would come into effect for the 2018-2022 council term, and the successful candidate would chair council meetings in the mayor’s absence.

Mayor Mike Bradley doesn’t believe it’s necessary.

“The idea of the deputy mayor, instead of an acting mayor is being put in place for the next council, it’s not just being recommended. I think it should either be on the ballot, or we continue with the system that we have which is an acting mayor.”

“I’ve had a number of illnesses this past term, and everyone got the chance to replace me on a rotation basis. That’s good for the entire council.”

It’s proposed the city maintain the deadline for residents to register to speak to council. It’s at noon on the Wednesday prior to the meeting.

There’s also a recommendation to allow the chair to suspend meetings if things get out of hand.

But, Mayor Bradley says he doesn’t want the council chamber to become a “security zone”.

Council meets in regular session at 4pm Sarnia City Hall.