Charred debris is scattered in the backyard of a Southampton home after fire broke out on Thursday. (Photo by Jordan MacKinnon)

Family Escapes Fire

A Southampton family is displaced after fire broke out at their home on Thursday evening.

The Saugeen Shores Fire Department responded to the Knechtel Lane home around 9:30pm, where fire crews found a blaze in the back porch of the century home.

Fire Chief Phil Eagleson says they were able to save the home, with damage initially estimated at about $50,000.

“The fire was suppressed quickly and overhaul began to save the rest of the structure, the main part of the structure is intact, however, power has been disconnected and the residents that have lived there are unable to stay there at the present time,” he says.

Eagleson says a mother and son escaped without injury and the fire department was able to tap into resources to provide them with clothing, and the community is rallying around the family.

“A lot of times, the community as a whole take care of their neighbours and that’s what has happened in this case,” says Eagleson. “The good neighbours, family and friends have looked after them.”

Eagleson says an investigation is currently underway to determine a cause of the fire.