Butterfly Fundraiser For Huron Residential Hospice Extended

Interior shot of the proposed Huron Residential Hospice near Clinton. (photo by Bob Montgomery)

The deadline for the purchase of butterflies for the Butterfly Release in support of the Huron Residential Hospice has been extended until tomorrow.

Fundraising Developer Michelle Field says they have now sold 175 butterflies to be released on August 27th at Pioneer Park in Bayfield and Field says people can call as late as midnight on Thursday and their butterfly will be waiting for them on the 27th. Field says they chose Pioneer Park as the site for the release for a couple of reasons. She read in National Geographic Pioneer Park was one of the top ten spots to view a sunset and then she also found out that Monarch butterflies actually stop there to rest on their migration south to Mexico so by the end of August the trees should be full of Monarch butterflies.

Field explains people can honour a loved one by releasing a butterfly and at the same time help preserve Monarch butterflies. The release will take place between seven and eight in the evening of August 27th at Pioneer Park in Bayfield and people can purchase a butterfly by calling Michelle Field at 482-3440, extension 6301.

“Originally I chose the site because I had read an article in National Geographic about how Pioneer Park is considered one of the top ten places to view a sunset. We try and move around our events in the county and knowing that we hadn’t done anything in Bayfield, I thought what a great place to do it – it’s on the bluffs.”

“When I started working with Pioneer Park I realized that the Monarchs actually go to Pioneer Park and rest in the trees before they migrate to Mexico. And when we chose the date we specifically chose the end of August because it is their natural migration season.”