Clinton Retailers Struggle After Fire

An early morning fire at the same building on main street yesterday forced the closure of Albert St. in Clinton on August 30, 2016. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

The Clinton retailers who were forced out of their shops on the main street because of the fire at the end of August are struggling to find new temporary locations.

Sandy Garnet owns “Made in Huron” and says they have about forty vendors selling out of the store that was located in the shop adjacent to the fire. Garnet says they had just moved into the store in June and were very pleased with the traffic the new location had generated. She adds the timing couldn’t have been much worse because a lot of regulars that attend the Thresher’s Reunion in Blyth are customers so that’s lost this week.

They’ll be opening in a much smaller, temporary location on King St. on Monday but has no idea when they might be able to get back into what was their new store.

Garnet admits she’s frustrated and a little mad but says she doesn’t want to waste time on that because there’s too much work to do is thanking customers for their patience.

Garnet says most of the vendors will have to count on insurance for everything that was in the store because of the smoke damage.

She does alterations and she hasn’t been able to do much of that since the fire but she’s hoping to get back to that soon. The dry cleaning service will be operating again out of the temporary location at 8 King St. and they’ll be open there on Monday.

Investigators probing the cause the fire are treating it as arson.