Men Wanted In Violent Home Invasion

Photo of James Slaughter courtesy of St. Thomas police.

St. Thomas police are searching for one suspect who threatened another man with a knife and hammer during a violent home invasion.

Officers were called to an Edward ST. home around 10:30pm on July 9.

Investigators say two men knocked on the door and when the homeowner answered one of the men pushed his way towards a back bedroom with a small knife where he threatened the 29-year-old victim. The two struggled and the knife was tossed, but the accused then picked up a hammer and was swinging it at the victim and smashing it into the floor.

The suspect was then pushed out the front door before police arrived.

Investigators have issued a warrant for 29-year-old James Slaughter, pictured above. He is wanted for two counts of assault with a weapon.

Police urge anyone who spots Slaughter to not approach him and immediately call police.

The second man wanted in connection to the home invasion is described as being between 17-19 years old with a thin build, blonde hair and neck tattoo. He was wearing a white hooded sweater at the time.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police or CrimeStoppers.