Teens Tempt Fate on Thin Ice in Listowel

Perth County OPP were called to the Elma Street West Bridge in Listowel after reports of teens on the ice.

A concerned citizen called police worried about the thin ice conditions.

Five youths were located and warned about the unsafe ice.

Perth OPP say they receive numerous calls about children playing on thin ice every spring.

Officers have attended locations along the Maitland River in Listowel, Whirl Creek and the Thames in Mitchell, Trout Creek in St. Marys and the Nith River and Smith Creek in Perth East.

Perth OPP say as the weather warms up, its possible for people to fall through the ice.

As water starts to rise, and flow more rapidly, ice conditions become more unpredictable.

Parents are urged to talk to their kids about the dangers of playing near bodies of water, and to stay away from thin ice.