17,000 Tune-In for Bruce Power’s Annual Teleconference

Duncan Hawthorne, President and CEO of Bruce Power

Bruce Power says over 17,000 people tuned-in to their public teleconference on Tuesday night.

CEO Duncan Hawthorne fielded over 20 questions on anything from the deep geological depository (DGR), to hiring local, to their negotiations with the Ontario Power Authority over the refurbishment of Units Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven and Eight.

“I’m optimistic of the deal. It’s been a tough negotiation – been going on for over a year now.” Hawthorne said while answering a question about the facility’s goals in 2015, “It’s important because it guarantees our involvement in this province to 2064. It’s a massive change in the overall future of the site, so that continues to be my number one priority.”

While looking ahead to 2015, Hawthorne says the facility will hold 320 planned outages over the next 12 months.

To listen to the entire teleconference, checkout the player below.