Stratford March to End Violence Against Women

A march in Stratford tomorrow is aimed at ending violence against women.
Stop Violence Against Women Perth County wants supporters to gather at The Old Courthouse tomorrow at noon for a silent demonstration.
Coordinator Linda Armstrong says the march marks the United Nations Day to End Violence Against Women.
On average one woman is murdered every six days by an intimate partner, in Canada.
Armstrong says a woman is raped about every 17 seconds in Canada.
She says, “The world bank report estimates that more women aged 15 to 44 are killed violently, than die of malaria, HIV, cancer, accidents and war combined.”
 Armstrong says people need to get involved to show that violence against women is not going to be tolerated
 She adds,”It won’t be a slap on the hand.  It won’t be like back in the day: oh, boys will be boys and men will be men,  and you’re my partner and I can do this.  We have to get that message across now that this is not OK.”
The march takes place at the Old Courthouse on Huron Street in Stratford from noon to one.