Dragon’s Den Meaford Deadline Tomorrow

Two of Dragons Den Meaford’s four ‘dragons’ this year are Paul Osborn and Donna Elliott. Absent were Desmond von Teichman and MPP Bill Walker.

Potential candidates planning to enter Dragons Den Meaford 2014 have until Wednesday afternoon to submit their applications.

Maryann Wark, the manager for Meaford Chamber of Commerce, says she will be accepting applications until 4:30 p.m. October 1st.

She also reminded all contestants to include a business plan with the applications they submit.

A selection committee will meet Monday, October 6, to examine each application and select the first group of contestants. The Chamber will announce the names of those chosen in the first selection later next week.

Prior to this year’s Dragons Den, the selection committee will study each contestant’s presentation further.

They will then choose the five or six finalists to appear before the Dragons at Meaford Hall on Wednesday, October 29th.