Collision East of Kincardine Causes Afternoon Slowdowns

Reports from citizens in the area say a collision heading into Kincardine on South Line between hwy 21 and Bruce Road 7 has traffic backed up this afternoon.

South Line was being used as a detour for Highway 9, the main route heading in to Kincardine from the east.

Callers say police were on scene and power lines down in the area.

It is best to avoid the area if you are heading in and out of Kincardine as traffic is backed up and diverted around the scene.

Avoid taking south line right now as callers say drivers who were on that route are still backed up trying to turn around and take alternative routes. It will be a slow go in and out of Kincardine from the East as south line was already an alternative route for a closed section of highway 9.