St. Clair Township Municipal Election



I’m Tracy Kingston, married mother of two, resident of Corunna, retired owner of KAY’S Petals & Plants, and currently serving a second term as Councillor in St. Clair Township.
I’m passionate about my community and I’ve developed strong leadership skills and community connections through my longtime involvement with numerous community based organizations. I want to introduce new initiatives and projects that will give our residents a better connection to their Township. I will proudly represent St. Clair Township in a cooperative, professional and open manner. The position of Mayor is about leadership, not ego or personal gain; it’s truly about caring for our community!
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My name is Chadwick Shymko. I’m 38 years old. I have lived in Corunna my entire life where I still live with my girlfriend and three kids. I would like to continue to build St. Clair Township as a place for people to enjoy raising their family’s. Some of the things I would be focusing on is bringing more recreational activities for all kids of all ages and to lower the fees for kids activities. I would look into finding more ways to bring revenue and people to our beautiful towns. I would like everyone to know I will be working extremely hard to meet everyone’s needs and help build our community into a better place.


I have been a resident of St. Clair Township for 39 years. My wife, Sue, and I raised our son Nick here and he now resides here with his wife Michelle. I work for Kel Gor Limited as a material controller.
I was elected to council from 2006-2018 and I was a councillor for three terms. While on council, I sat on almost all committees. I attended important municipal conventions such as Good Roads in the winter and AMO in the summer, where I was fortunate to be involved in meetings both with provincial and federal ministers. These meetings often led to the township receiving grants for numerous township projects. In the past, I have coached and been involved with Mooretown minor hockey and ball hockey as well as soccer in the summer months. I also sat on the board of the Moore Agricultural Society, and currently belong to the Moore Optimist Club. I am a member of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Corunna, and Sue and I enjoy spending time with the residents at Thompson Gardens calling bingo once a month.
In my opinion, infrastructure is a top priority to attract new businesses and investments in our community, and we must keep our roads well-maintained. Our services such as sewage, waste collection and amenities throughout the township must be kept at a high standard. Environmentally, we must ensure our waste facilities keep us updated on any facility issues, and our heavy industries in the township must do the same since we all have to co-exist together. I expect future updates from the Ministry of Environment on the Ladney waste side outside of Corunna. I have not heard any updates in a long period of time. I would also like to question the county about the electric vehicle charging. My 12 years on council has given me the background I need to lead this township effectively, especially with experience gained in roles such as chairperson of the Finance Committee and the Public Works Committee. I have also experience all aspects of the operations within the township. My proven honesty and integrity are two of my finest attributes. I am truly a leader and am interested in finding the best way rather than having my own way. I will consider all ideas and I very much need the next council to work as one team. During my campaigning, I have never accepted donations from anyone, therefore, all the decisions I am entrusted to make will be held without bias. All areas of the township will be treated fairly and considered equally. 



As a resident of St. Clair Township growing up on the last gravel road in the Village of Sombra to witnessing the installation of reliable high-speed internet, our municipality has continued to improve and grow for the betterment of all our residents.
To this day I believe it is our role as citizens to leave our community better than how we found it. I have always been a ‘community-first’ person, having served as President of the Port Lambton Athletic Association for the last 12 years, Chair of the Port Lambton Parks Board since its inception, volunteer at Gala Days, the Sacred Heart Food Bank, coached youth baseball and continue to play for the Senior Pirates. During this past term of council, I have been appointed to serve on St. Clair Township’s Committee of Adjustment and Port Lambton’s representative on the Parks Advisory Committee. I have been active in discussing and solving local issues and I believe I have been able to maintain healthy relationships with our current elected officials and staff. I am a proud 22-year member of U.A. Local 853 Sprinkler Fitters of Ontario and have been fortunate to work as a Business Development Representative and am currently a Business Representative, working everyday to be the voice of our members.
I also currently sit as the Financial Secretary and Recording Secretary for the Sarnia-Lambton Building Trades Council. My work experience in these roles has prepared me for the task as Councillor for Ward 2. I represent over 3,000 hard-working individuals daily to make their lives better and to protect their livelihood. It has also taught me to listen, be respectful of everyone’s opinions, and to make decisions that benefit everyone. Some of the issues that we will need to address during this term of council is to maintain our level of service while maintaining fiscal responsibility to all taxpayers. As Council members, we will need to ensure that the Corunna OPP Branch remains funded and pursue all opportunities to increase our tax base. There will also be major decisions regarding our infrastructure and the need to fix and maintain our assets before it’s too late.


Re-Elect PAT BROWN, Councillor Ward 1 – St. Clair Township! My wife Cindy and I have resided in Corunna for 45 years and raised our 2 children here. I am retired as a Construction Coordinator from Arlanxeo, and UA Local 663 Pipefitters. I am a current St. Clair Township Councillor, and I have also served on St. Clair Township Council (2006-2010) and a term on the former Moore Township Council. I am currently Vice-Chair, St. Clair Region Conservation Authority, and sit on boards for CAER (Community Awareness Emergency Response), and chair St. Clair Parkway Golf Committee. In the past, I have served on Lambton Group OPP Police Services Board, Corunna Community Safety, Moore and Sombra Museum Committees and St. Clair Township Public Works and Finance. If I’m successful, this will be my fourth term as Councillor for our Township. As the only councillor seeking re-election from Ward 1, my knowledge and understanding of Township operations and responsibilities will be invaluable to all residents and to the new council. I believe we need to continue to upgrade Township infrastructure by improving roads, sidewalks, water lines and sewage treatment. Working closely with our Provincial and Federal governments, I’ll advocate to secure funding for these projects and other grants for shoreline work and recreational facilities. We need to continue attracting new industries to our area creating secure employment opportunities for our residents and for taxation revenue. I support development of environmentally friendly projects and want to establish EV charging stations within our Township.
My previous Council experience, along with the Boards I serve on, as well as my employment background will bode well for all residents when dealing with most municipal issues and concerns. I am dedicated to the needs of St. Clair Township and I am approachable, open, honest and willing to listen to individual concerns. I look forward to continuing serving as your Councillor for the next four
years. Feel free to contact me, I can be reached at (519) 862-2050.


I own and operate Holly’s Heavenly Touch located in Corunna, and have so for the past 32 years. I specialize in foot and skin care. I recently retired from ociating NCAA women’s basketball and held lacrosse, men’s semi-pro basketball, and Ontario College basketball. I was encouraged to run for council four years ago, but didn’t have the time. Now that I’m retired from ociating at a high level, and have decreased my hours at my business, I’m ready and excited to work for you on St. Clair Township council! Having a strategic plan in place is my number one goal to have in place for St. Clair Township. Expanding the water treatment plant is another. I can’t promise you I will get you a new sidewalk tomorrow, or a new stop light, or lower your taxes.
I can’t promise you I will be able to x all your concerns. What I can promise you is, I will address your concerns in a timely manner and provide you with an update and explanation on how council is working to resolve your concern. I have built a reputation as a hard working woman. I don’t give up on a problem and have the ability to find answers, even when it’s uncomfortable to talk about the issue at hand. I’m trustworthy, and dependable.
I know how important budgets are, and also how to communicate and work well with others. I’ve been on many committees throughout my life, and have always given back to our community and continue to do so every week. From president to secretary, treasurer, coach, teacher and mentor, I’ve had extensive time in organizations. Currently, I volunteer at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Food Bank every Wednesday night, and sit on the health committee at Aamjiwnaang. |  (519) 381-9935


My name is Cathy Langis and I am excited to be running for St. Clair Township Council. I am running for Council of Ward One because I have a positive approach. I’m a hard worker and I’m accountable.
There will be new challenges this election moving forward working as a team with new leadership. I will also be new to this Council, but feel I am up to the task. I am pleased to see how Council respects and supports expertise of our Township staff, and I look forward to working in a mutually respectful environment.
I have lived in St. Clair Township for a total of 28 years. In the past I was the first Parent Council chairperson for Father Gerald LaBelle School, I was a Corunna Optimist, started fund raising for improvements to Duggan field and worked on both the Juvenile Silver Stick Committee and Gold Bat Committee. I am a retired Educational Assistant of 31 years with the LKDSB where I worked with students who had difficulties coping behaviourally in the classroom setting. I was also the Union president for three years and on the negotiating committee.
Currently, I have become a Marshall at the St. Clair Parkway Golf course, joined the Liturgy committee and the CWL at St. Joseph’s Church and joined the Moore Community and Recreational Foundation.
I had started to attend the Council meetings just prior to COVID and have since watched the meetings on YouTube. I keep up with the Minutes, agendas and correspondence for each meeting.
I am looking forward to representing those I call friends, neighbours and family in a community I have loved to be a part in and watch grow. I feel I will represent the Township with honesty and integrity. And when assigned a task, it will get done.


Hi, I’m Brad Langstaff, and I’m running for St Clair Twp Ward 2 Councillor! I have lived, worked and played in St Clair Township my entire life. Running a business in the service industry, in St Clair Township and beyond, has taught me accountability, leadership, honesty, and integrity. I have gained invaluable experience running large projects, handling employees and the ability to facilitate issues that may arise at inopportune times.
I’ve never been one to wait around for things to happen. I pride myself on working hard in life. After my first of many investments in Agricultural lands at an early age, it has not only taught me sustainability, but being fiscally accountable was of the utmost importance. It has also taught myself Stewardship and the importance of Conservation. This instilled a passion to fight for what is right on the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, Grain Farmers of Ontario, and the Lambton Soil and Crop Improvement Association boards.
I have been committed to the reduction in red tape holding CF Industries back from reaching their full potential, for the last two years through resolutions at the GFO board level. CF industries is ready to expand their production that would lower our reliability on Russian nitrogen sources, increase jobs, and Tax dollars in St Clair Twp.
As councillor, I would excel in fighting for the rights and values of the residents of St Clair Twp, Shoreline protection on Township properties. Investment in infrastructure for faster rural Internet should remain a focus moving forward. It has also come to my attention that the St Clair Parkway Golf course Clubhouse, and park washrooms need updated. While seeking major industry, commercial and residential investment in St Clair it is instrumental that we expand the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Courtright, and improve our water supply from the Lambton Area Water Supply System.
I have a strong relationship with our current Warren, MP and MPP, a crucial asset when circumstances require upper tier funding. Growing up with strong, selfless mentors has inspired me to continually do my part for the betterment of St Clair Twp. Implementing conservation projects on my own lands is a small example of my commitment to leave our Township in a better place for future generations to enjoy. Working with many tiers at Enbridge, personally, to ensure they continue the same high level of respect to the community that Union Gas has displayed, is a passion I have, to ensure that they are held to the same standards we are, as caretakers of the land.
Youth in council would promote innovative ways of seeing things differently. We need to build environments and policies for our collective future. While also ensuring our predecessors have the best possible opportunities to enjoy retirement in St. Clair Twp. If it be your will, as councillor of Ward 2, I would ensure our new mayor’s values align with the needs of the St. Clair Parkway communities, Rural Ward 1 and 2.I will advocate for honesty and integrity throughout our board.
As your councillor, I will help individuals of St. Clair Twp navigate through their trials and tribulations. I will be adaptive and driven To make St. Clair Township reach its goals and aspirations. Thank you, Brad Langstaff Ward 2 Councillor Elect.


My name is Gary Martin and I’m running for Council in Ward 2 of St. Clair Township. I was raised and live in St. Clair Township near Becher where I operate a field crop farm, continuing the family business. I’ve been following council online for a while now and it as a good thing to have experience in land use planning as well as experience in budgeting and governance. I’ve been on the Lambton Federation of Agriculture since 2015 and president since 2020 (my term is up at the end of the year). I was also a Director for the Sydenham District Hospital with the CKHA from 2009 to 2015, & vice-chair of the CKHA finance committee in 2015. I’m also a public representative on the Thames and Sydenham Region Source Protection (drinking water) Committee, since 2018.
When I was younger, I got my Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics from the University of Guelph, and then became a Chartered Professional Accountant. I did that for eighteen years before retiring early when my father passed away, so I could take over the farm. During the winter of 2022, I wrote and taught Canadian Agricultural Law at Lambton College, which focused on land use planning and other topics that touched on municipal responsibilities, and how the different levels of governments work together. Over the past years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with local organizations and I began to think about all the meetings and committees I’ve chaired and participated with, and how they’ve contributed to economic development and betterment of the community and local businesses.
I decided to run for Council as this is my home and I want to see it prosper, and I’d like to continue to help. I’ve been getting detailed and technical questions at the doors while canvassing, and I am posting detailed and technical answers on my website when I get a chance. I write about my experiences on the campaign trail and more at Check it out to read further about my values and my background and experience, as well as links to my social media. I would appreciate your vote – and I will work hard for St. Clair Township. Thank-You.


My family is from the Township. I was born in Sarnia and raised here for a good portion of my life. I am related to the Wilson Walker family of Mooretown. I attended local schools. After pursuing a 3-year Marine Engineering Technology degree, I took a job in Operations at Ontario Hydro in Pickering. Employment in my field in Chemical Valley at that time was not a reality because our local economy was stagnant. For a very long time, I wished to return home. We purchased our house in Corunna in 2019 and I retired at the end of 2020. My wife Dawna and our 10-year-old twins Rosalyn and Freddy love living here. The reality of COVID protocols has made integrating back into the community very challenging with facilities closed and gatherings cancelled.
I have attended council meetings and find them informative. However, it’s what you see and hear in the community that tells much more of the story. The Township has significant issues with facilities that need to be addressed. We have an asset management plan, but we must be far more demanding in making the goals in that plan a reality in the foreseeable future.
From speaking with fellow citizens, there appears to be a disconnect between the communities and the Township offices. I am hearing a lot of frustration about people trying to resolve even minor issues. Misinformation seems to be widespread. This practice does not lend itself for good results. People are looking for decent facilities and public places of which they can be proud. We urgently need community lab services restored in Corunna. We need to improve and invest in our Township assets. St. Clair is experiencing new housing and industrial growth. Council needs to ensure that new development pays its fair share when it comes to our infrastructure needs.
During my career, I worked hard to be productive and brought improvement and favourable results to my own work, to those I trained and the facilities with which I was entrusted. Building positive relationships and practicing effective communication characterize my core strengths. Actively listening to others and seeking their ideas are important leadership skills to achieving quality results. Strategic thinking, long-term planning and recognition of value for money was always part of my equation.
I need your support so I can be part of the solution to the challenges that will face our new council during its term in office. Thank you.


Greetings, I’m Charles Mortley-Wood or Chuck Wood. My family and I have lived in St Clair Township since 1999 when our employer brought us back to this area after taking us away for 5 years. Overall I have lived in Lambton County for more than half my life and today St Clair Township is my home. I believe St Clair township is the best place in the world to live which is why we continue to live here in our retirement. I am retired after a 30-year career in chemical valley working for Imperial Oil. I am an engineer and worked in management, leading business, technical and operations teams over the years.
I have been and continue to be an active long-term volunteer in our community. I worked with both hockey and baseball, coaching and managing teams as well as participation in the executive helping to run the local sports organizations. For several years I Coordinated the Corunna community food bank, including the first 2 years of COVID where we needed to adjust our operations to maintain a safe service and increase our offering to help the increasing demand within our community for food support.
I also continue to run a home grocery delivery program with the Corunna Foodland – this program was started by Foodland and the optimists in March 2020 to help those who couldn’t safely get their own groceries during COVID. I have been participating since April 2020 and today remain the only remaining volunteer, delivering groceries and coordinating the program that collects donations for local charities.  To date, the delivery program has raised and distributed over $25,000 for local charities; mostly the Corunna foodbank, but also Bluewater health foundations Ryan’s house, the Women’s Interval home, and the Lambton County Circles program. I Currently volunteer with the Red Cross – helping deliver meals on wheels and driving for their transportation group.
I was Introduced to the inner workings of municipal government when I volunteered for the planning committee in the city of Sarnia; after answering an open call for volunteers.  I enjoyed that opportunity and learned a lot about how municipal governments and city staff work together to get things done. With friends, family and coworkers I’ve often talked about municipal concerns; and not being someone who complains without putting some skin in the game, I am throwing my hat into the ring to help with the township council. Although I am busy in retirement, I have the time and energy to take on a role in council.
My greatest concern at the moment is inflation and how the families in our community will be able to deal with that. If our tax bills increase like our grocery bills, many of us will struggle being able to afford those increases. Let me remind you all that the promises of work and increased services you are hearing about from candidates are essentially promises to spend your money and raise your taxes. If you are interested in letting me help our community by serving on council – please vote for me if you are able. And remember, a vote for me is a vote for responsible spending.