Young writer publishes kids’ book

Hisan Khan at Bright's Grove Public School. May 24, 2023. (Photo courtesy of Shereen Khan)

A local Grade 6 student has officially released his first self-published book and is already working on another.

Hisan Khan, now 11, was 10 years old when he completed his book Ecological Existance (misspelling intended). A book signing was held at Bright’s Grove Public School Wednesday evening.

Hisan Khan's book signing. May 24, 2023. (Photo courtesy of Shereen Khan)

Hisan Khan’s book signing. May 24, 2023. (Photo courtesy of Shereen Khan)

His mother, Shereen Khan, said she’s incredibly proud of Hisan and intends to reach out to local bookstores and libraries to get his book on their shelves.

“The book is about how they are saving dinosaur eggs and protecting those eggs and putting them far away from the city so the dinosaurs don’t destroy the city,” said Khan. “He wanted to be a scientist, he wanted to do research on resurrecting prehistoric animals, which he put as his imagination [for the] book.”

Khan said Hisan has been interested in reading and writing from a very young age — especially when it came to dinosaurs.

Hisan’s first published book started with a Grade 5 class project.

“His teacher really liked it and we also encouraged him, so he decided to add more and more,” Khan said. “It was big enough to be a book.”

Hisan technically wrote two books, which were put into one. The third book he’s currently working on will be a continuation of Ecological Existance.

As a published writer herself, Khan was able to help her son through the publishing process.

Although she’s incredibly proud to see her son follow in her footsteps, she also has been inspired by him for her own work.

“He put the idea in my mind that I should be making age-appropriate, fun books for kids who are not as fortunate as us in Canada. He was the one who motivated me, I’m super happy,” she said.

Khan also mentioned she promotes reading around the world and used to read books to underprivileged children in third-world countries.

Ecological Existance cover. (submitted photo)

Ecological Existance cover. (submitted photo)

“I think it’s really inspiring and I hope that more kids are motivated and inspired by Hisan and start writing more books at this age,” she said.

Khan said Hisan was born in Pakistan but has lived in Canada since he was three years old, and the family moved to Sarnia-Lambton about five years ago. She thanked the school and its principal for helping Hisan with promoting his book.