Sarnia Transit schedule modified

Sarnia Transit Murphy Rd. Bus Terminal. photo by Melanie Irwin.

Bus riders in Sarnia are being advised of an upcoming change to the transit schedule.

Starting on Sunday, March 19, bus routes will be based on a 40-minute round trip time frame, rather than 30 minutes.

Transit Manager Michelle Carter said they are pushed to the limit, and a lot of the routes are running behind schedule.

“That’s due to the amount of stops, and the number of people boarding and riding the bus at any given time,” said Carter. “So, we’re seeing that push where we’re not making those times right now as it is. This will allow passengers to plan a little bit better.”

Carter said this was the most cost effective solution.

“Any time we add any service, adding drivers, or adding buses that is a big cost to transit that would have impacts as we moved forward with any sort of those changes. As well as this being a more cost effective solution, it’s one that we can implement right away.”

She said while bus routes will not change, there will be impacts to the times buses depart and arrive.

The change was made partly based on public feedback given when the city decided to move the terminal to Clearwater Arena.

The full Sarnia Transit schedule can be found at