Temperature drops with arrival of winter storm

A snowfall warning continued Wednesday for much of southwestern Ontario.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Geoff Coulson said a Texas low bringing heavy snow to the area Wednesday will continue into the evening, and taper to flurries overnight.

“Generally we’re looking at amounts probably 10 to 15 centimetres, so 15 centimetres is probably the high end that some areas will see,” said Coulson. “But, it’s important to note that once this system goes by overnight tonight and the winds snap around to the north and northwest, we’re expecting lake effect snow to come inland. Most of that will be east of the Sarnia area, more through Wyoming, Forest and towards Strathroy.”

Coulson said anyone planning to travel across southwestern Ontario, should prepare for messy conditions, and adjust your driving to the changing conditions.

“This is a large-scale winter storm that’s going to be impacting pretty much all of southern Ontario, especially along the 401 corridor right from the Windsor area right into the Ottawa Valley, in fact into southern Quebec as well,” said Coulson. In areas just west to Lake Ontario from Hamilton up through Mississauga, they could be seeing 15 to 20 centimetres out of this system.”

He said the system is bringing a return to more seasonal temperatures.

“Because of how mild it’s been so far this January, it’s important to note that the models are indicating a return to more seasonal temperatures to finish off the month of January, maybe even a little colder than seasonal, ” said Coulson. “In fact, the colder than normal trend looks like it will extend into the first week of February.”

The normal high for this time of year for the region is around minus 2 C, 28 F.