Video game marathon supports local children’s charity

The fifth annual Playing For Charity 24-Hour Video Game Marathon at Lambton Mall in Sarnia, hosted by Max Major. November 29, 2019. (Photo by Blackburn Media)

A group of local video gamers will again be taking part in a 24-hour marathon, with the goal of raising $10,000 for St. Clair Child and Youth.

Playing For Charity is into its 8th year, and will be held at Imperial City Brew House for a second straight year.

It starts at 2 p.m. Friday, November 25.

Spokesman Max Major says their livestream, at, is always popular.

They’ll be playing games like NHL 23, Mario, and The Dark Pictures Anthology.

“It’s fun because of different time zones,” said Major. “This is kind of a worldwide thing now. We’ve had people donate from Germany and Australia, it’s neat the people that show up to the chat. And then we have old mainstays as well that stay up with us as long as possible and try and keep us awake by talking about what we’re doing. We have great conversations in the chat.”

Major said he’ll be joined by Darryl Heater, Adam Forristal and Ciara Redman for the marathon. They’ll be using a makeshift living room, provided by TJ’s Furniture and Home Décor.

Major said last year’s marathon was a big success.

“Beyond our wildest expectations, we managed to raise over $7,000,” he said.

You can donate in person, or by clicking here.

For every $10 donated, you’ll receive a ballot for a draw to win a PlayStation 5.

Playing for Charity’s first 24-hour video game marathon was Black Friday 2015 inside Lambton Mall.

They raised over $2,500 for Noelle’s Gift to Children and, since then, have contributed over $28,000 for various local charities.