Theatre enthusiast gives generous gift to VPP

Joyce Hamilton presents Victoria Playhouse Petrolia with a donation. Left to right: Ginny Newman, Mike Barron, Joyce Hamilton, David Hogan and Rick Charlebois. November 24, 2022 Submitted photo.

A long-time Petrolia resident and theatre enthusiast has given back to her hometown playhouse.

Joyce Hamilton presented Victoria Playhouse Petrolia with a generous $10,875 donation on Thursday.

During the presentation, Hamilton said that the theatre is a very important place to her.

“I remember the Lion’s frolics in the parking area, and dancing in the ballroom upstairs as a teen,” Hamilton said. “[I’m] so glad we have the theatre in town.”

Hamilton said she already has tickets for next year’s shows.

Sarnia Community Foundation Executive Director and Petrolia Community Fund Administrator Mike Barron was thankful for the gift.

“Hearing about her passion for the Victoria Playhouse and the Town of Petrolia is inspiring,” Barron said.

The foundation hosts the Petrolia Community Fund where financial gifts are shared to better the community.

Donations are delivered to various organizations throughout the year, and through a micro-grant program each winter.

More information about the fund can be found here.