New tuk-tuk business gets council support

Stevie Go Go, Sarnia tuk-tuk business. Image courtesy of Steve Devlin Facebook.

Sarnia council has supported a new sightseeing business by approving the use of low-speed vehicles on city streets for commercial purposes.

Steve Devlin told council he’s acquired three new vehicles to serve the city as an alternative to the taxi industry.

“Stevie Go Go will be an all electric, quiet, environmentally friendly, seven passenger tuk-tuk,” said Devlin.

He said the vehicles were custom made to meet all of Ontario’s road safety regulations.

“Seatbelts, handles, the windshield, brakes, it only goes up to 35 kilometres an hour.”

The three-wheeled, open-air, modern auto-rickshaws, became popular in Asia, but are now being seen around the world.

“It’s been quite the journey these last ten months, ordering them from China, being shipped to Vancouver, finally coming to Sarnia with the help of The Inn of the Good Shepherd, Preferred Towing, and Pinnacle Freight out of Chatham, to get these tuk-tuk vehicles to Sarnia.”

Devlin said he wanted to give people a chance to explore Sarnia’s downtown and waterfront in a new way without adding to the carbon footprint or noise pollution.

“Sightseeing with the wind in your face, slowly as we tour Canatara Park, down to the marina, under the bridge.”

As part of the recommendation, council also directed staff to opt-in to the cargo e-bike pilot program, supporting a request from Cycling Without Age.