Emergency response tested at Sarnia’s airport

City of Sarnia tests airport emergency response. November 22, 2022. (Photo courtesy of City of Sarnia)

First responders have been tested on their emergency response capabilities during a hijacking drill at Sarnia Chris Hadfield Airport on Tuesday.

Sarnia firefighters, officers, paramedics, and members from Imperial Oil attended the simulation, as part of a requirement under the Canada Aviation Transportation Act.

The scenario involved a small aircraft that crash landed due to a possible hijacking.

“We always want to be prepared for the worst should it ever happen,” said Sarnia Airport Terminal Operations Supervisor Mike Roberts. “Exercises like this provide valuable insight and experience for our staff and the myriad of teams that would respond, ensuring, should an emergency arise, everyone is ready.”

Before the plane landed, police cordoned off the area and the airport was evacuated of all non-essential personnel.

After the simulated crash, emergency responders tended to injured passengers, while crews from Imperial Oil were called to use a foam truck to extinguish a potential fire.

The drill ended shortly before 12 p.m.