Significant structural concerns closes Brooke Central

Brooke Central Public School. Photo courtesy of

Students who attend Brooke Central Public School might not have classes there until the new year after structural concerns were raised about the facility’s roof.

The Lambton Kent District School Board (LKDSB) issued a letter on Friday.

Although it’s currently safe to attend the school, there are concerns about the integrity of the roof should there be a heavy amount of snowfall.

An architect and structural engineer assessed the roof in preparation for routine summer maintenance. It was recommended that part of the roof, built in the 1960s, be reinforced immediately.

“We are continuing to monitor the weather forecast daily and as we wait for plans from the architects to be finalized, the school’s roof will be monitored and checked by a roofing company after any accumulating snow events to ensure that no snow is allowed to accumulate on the roof of this school,” read the LKDSB letter.

While structural upgrades are done, students will transition to remote asynchronous teacher-led learning, effective Monday, November 21.

From Wednesday to November 29, students will then take part in synchronous teacher-led learning from home.

It’s expected students will relocate to neighbouring schools on November 30.

The school will be open on Monday and Tuesday for students to retrieve their belongings.

Although a specific date hasn’t been set for when structural upgrades will be completed, the LKDSB expects to welcome students and staff back to Brooke Central Public School in early 2023.