Sarnia boy’s Zamboni costume catches eye of NHL

Easton Oetting in his Zamboni Halloween costume. October 2022. (Photo by DJ Oetting)

A young Sarnia hockey fan has become a viral sensation for his Zamboni Halloween costume.

Easton Oetting, 5, who has duplication syndrome, became an NHL fan favourite after the league shared his Edmonton Oilers themed costume on social media over the weekend.

DJ Oetting, Easton’s dad, said he didn’t expect this much attention.

“I was hoping for maybe a like from the Edmonton Oilers on Instagram or something, and then the NHL ended up posting it, it was on TSN Sportscentre, we’ve literally had tons of news outlets calling wanting to do interviews and post a video of Easton’s costume online,” said Oetting. “It’s been pretty wild.”

Oetting said it’s the fourth straight year he’s made a Halloween costume for his son.

“He was the grandpa from Up, we used his walker, the year after that, my wife decided to make him a hot dog vendor, and last year was the first year he had this medical stroller that he had to take on the bus to and from school. We decided to use the stroller/wheelchair and we did a skid steer.”

Oetting said the skid steer costume was more extensive than the previous two.

“But, it definitely helped when we did the Zamboni this year because I already had a good idea of how to build it, so it went a lot quicker — it probably took five days [to make].”

Oetting said Easton’s condition impacts his speech and walking, and he also has a small heart defect.

He said they cheer for the Oilers because DJ’s aunt and uncle moved to Edmonton when he was young.