Voter turnout down slightly, older demographic more likely to vote

A sign outside of a polling station. (File photo by Miranda Chant, Blackburn News)

Voter turnout in the City of Sarnia for the 2022 municipal election was down compared to 2018’s numbers.

A total of 21,882 electors voted via internet or paper ballots. This represents a participation rate of 40.41 per cent for the 54,148 electors in the city.

Internet voting was the most popular method, with 16,861 people casting ballots.

A total of 5,021 people voted in-person via paper ballot.

Communications Manager Steve Henschel said the older demographic was far more likely to vote.

“The age group 18 to 34 represented about 11.5 per cent of the vote,” said Henschel. “Ages 35 to 64 was about 45.43 per cent of the vote, and the 65 plus group was 43.07 per cent of the vote.”

Henschel said Sarnia’s 2022 turnout was actually the second highest for a municipal election since 2000.

In 2018, a total of 48.9 per cent voted, up from 37.1 per cent in the previous municipal election.

During that election, 25,207 of the eligible Sarnia population of 51,581, voted online and by telephone.

The full 2022 Sarnia municipal election results can be found here: