Nine deer, one cow involved in weeklong collision report: Lambton OPP

A deer/elk crossing sign on a rural road. © Can Stock Photo / Vlue

OPP are reminding motorists to watch out for deer, and cows, on Lambton County roads.

Cst. Jamie Bydeley said the service has received nine reports of car versus deer collisions, and one car versus cow, in the past week.

In an email to, Bydeley said the area typically sees more activity of deer in the fall months, as temperatures drop colder, and that deer tend to be active from dusk to dawn typically.

“Motorists should expect to see deer in any rural area in the county. Unfortunately, they don’t always follow the rules and cross at the ‘Deer Crossing’ posted signage.”

To help reduce the chance of hitting a deer, Bydeley said motorists can reduce speeds on county roads, to allow proper reaction time, activate ‘Hi-Beams’ when no other vehicles are oncoming, stay alert while driving at night and pull over and take a break when needed.

Bydeley also said motorists should not “veer for deer.”

“This can cause your vehicle to collide with other objects — vehicles, hydro poles etc. — or leave the roadway at an unsafe speed. We encourage motorists to apply heavy braking, while maintaining a straight course on the roadway.”

Bydeley said a car versus deer collision can be as simple as scratches in paint or broken grille/headlights all the way up to the vehicle leaving the roadway and rolling over which can cause significant injuries to the occupants within.

Down Highway 402 in Middlesex County, OPP have responded to eight collisions involving deer this week alone.