Lambton trail campaign to help hikers, walkers, cyclists

Woman walking cross country and trail in autumn forest. © Can Stock Photo / Anetlanda

Lambton County trails from Courtright to Grand Bend will take centre stage during a new social media campaign.

Lambton College Sports and Rec students will visit parts of the 600 kilometres of trails across the county and post video, photos and descriptions of their hikes to Tourism Sarnia-Lambton’s (TSL) Facebook over the next two months.

TSL Special Events & Sports Marketing Co-Ordinator Vicky Praill said the goal is to highlight trails in Lambton County.

“But it’s also to help the students discover what’s out there and what Sarnia-Lambton has to offer. We’re also trying to encourage visitors to come and use our trails. During the fall, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the trails.”

Praill said there are a growing number of hikers, walkers, and cyclists visiting Lambton County to enjoy the trails.

“It’s definitely a healthy activity and it’s also a great way to connect with nature. So, I think this is a great opportunity for our community to see what’s out there — there’s a lot of hidden gems that people might not know about.”

Praill said there are trails of every description in the community including boardwalks, waterfront trails, rail trails, foot paths and on-road shared access routes.

The campaign also includes Lambton County’s Regional Trails Committee.