Watford woman wins $250K on scratch ticket

Rhonda Oulds of Watford claims her $250,000 prize from playing OLG's Daily Grand. (Photo by OLG)

A Watford healthcare worker and regular lottery player is celebrating her biggest win in 20 years.

Rhonda Oulds won a bonus prize of $250,000 with OLG’s Daily Grand after matching all five main numbers in the August 29 draw.

Oulds said she went through a whole gamut of emotions when she realized she won.

“I logged into my [OLG] account to see I won $250,000 and I was surprised,” she said. “I was in disbelief at first, then I felt blessed.”

Oulds said she gets emails from OLG all the time for winning free plays.

“My internet was down so I didn’t see my email until later in the day. This email from OLG looked different from the others.”

Oulds said she plans to put some of the winnings toward home renovations and that the rest will be put aside for a rainy day and travel.