No charges after investigation into Rapids Pkwy. incident

Sarnia Police Headquarters on Christina Street. 23 January 2020. ( photo by Colin Gowdy)

Sarnia police have concluded an investigation involving an alleged suspicious man and a high school student and say no criminal act took place.

Officers were called to investigate after reports were made that a man in a vehicle approached a girl who was walking to school in the area of The Rapids Parkway on September 28.

Sarnia police were able to locate the vehicle and determine who the driver of the vehicle was, thanks to witness statements and surveillance video.

The driver was spoken to and after viewing all of the evidence, police said it was concluded that no criminal act took place and no charges would be laid.

Sarnia police are thanking the public for their concern and assistance in the matter.

A statement from headquarters Wednesday said city police realize incidents like this raise significant public fear and the department would like to reassure the public that their safety is of paramount concern.