Planned power outage as Hydro One replaces aging poles file photo

Just over 5,500 Hydro One customers in the Forest, Thedford, Kettle Point and Port Franks area will be without power for about eight hours on Sunday, October 2.

Utility crews will be replacing five transmission wood pole structures at the end of their lifespans, which date back to the 1950s and 60s.

Spokesperson Tiziana Baccega-Rosa said there will be lots of activity in the area.

(Map of area affected by planned outage. Photo courtesy of Hydro One.)

“We’re going to have about 40 employees out there, cranes, and equipment called a digger derrick which is a fancy piece of equipment that drills holes for us,” said Baccega-Rosa. “There will also be ten bucket trucks. Everyone will be working together to get this work done as quickly and safely as possible.”

Baccega-Rosa said crews will be completing as much work as possible in advance of the outage.

That will include preparing the site with portable mats, gravel roads and pads to facilitate access to the area where the structures are located.

She said those impacted are encouraged to make sure their cell phones are charged, keep refrigerators shut as much as possible, and use a battery powered alarm clock.

“When we look at these planned outages, we try and schedule them when there’s the least amount of impact,” she said. “That is, unfortunately, often on weekends because of the fact that you don’t have industrial and commercial customers up and running. Often Saturday and Sunday mornings are the times when people are consuming less electricity.”

Sunday’s outage is scheduled from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. Customers impacted have already been notified.