Local group wins $1M Lotto Max

Group of five wins $1,000,002. (Photo courttesy of the OLG)

Five coworkers in southwestern Ontario, who have been playing the lottery together for 10 years, have won a Lotto Max prize of $1 million.

The OLG said the small group of process engineers won a Maxmillions prize during the draw on April 19. They also won $2 with Encore.

Dennis Figueiredo of Wallaceburg said other group members were in disbelief when he told them the exciting news.

“I immediately wondered how he managed to get a fake winning ticket,” said Lee Cook of Sarnia. “Everything [Figueiredo] said to me felt exactly like what he would say to prank me.”

The other group members also thought it was a prank.

“All these years of pulling pranks on these guys caught up with me in that moment,” laughed Figueiredo.

The other group members include Adam Davidson of Petrolia, Cody Harper of Mooretown, and Joshua Roberts of Mooretown.

While picking up their winnings, they shared their spending plans. Figueiredo is saving for his children’s future, Cook will turn his basement into a rec room, Roberts wanted to put his share toward buying a cottage, and Harper wanted to buy a truck and complete home renovations.

The coworkers plan to continue playing the lottery as a group.

The winning ticket was purchased at Taylor Convenience on Dufferin Avenue in Wallaceburg.