Lambton College partners with private company to connect students with housing

Lambton College June, 2019 File photo by Melanie Irwin

Lambton College has teamed up with an online company to help students find a place to call home for the next eight months.

Happipad spokesperson Cailan Libby said there are about 120 students attending Lambton College in September who are still looking for housing.

“This is a program that matches students with homeowners that have a spare room in their house they’d like to rent,” said Libby. “The homeowner and the student each create a profile which specifies their lifestyle, their interests, their languages, their sleeping habits, all those things are put into their profile. Students are able to view homeowners, they can view their homes and apply to homes they’re interested in, and the reverse is true. Homeowners can go on the same website and they can look at student profiles, and if there is any they’re interested in helping out, they can then send them an invitation.”

Libby said they conduct background checks, legal contracts and compatibility matching for students and homeowners.

“We support everything,” he said. “We support rental contracts, automatic rent payment and also monthly support so if there’s ever any conflicts or problems we have a support system available.”

If you’re interested in renting out a spare bedroom to a vetted student, visit

Libby said the company has also been working with seniors and refugees in western Canada, with hopes of expanding that program to Ontario in the future.