Lambton College inviting public to basketball showcase

The Lambton Lions men's basketball team takes on the George Brown Huskies at the OCAA Men's Basketball Championships from Lambton College. 6 March 2020. ( photo by Colin Gowdy)

Lambton College will show off some of the school’s best basketball players during a free event Sunday afternoon.

The school’s Sports and Rec Management Program is hosting the Basketball Skills Showcase from noon to 2 p.m.

Second year student Jake Prudom said the event is getting a lot of attention and they’re hoping for a big turnout.

“We’re going to start off with a three-point contest, the skills competition is right after that, and then the dunk contest is going to be the real highlight I think.”

Prudom said a judge’s panel, made up of some of Lambton’s finest, will choose the winner of the dunk contest.

“We’re going to have a judge’s panel made up of some of Lambton’s finest: we got head coach of the men’s team, James Grant, head coach of the women’s team, Janine Day, and Kurtis Gray [Associate Vice President, Student Success].”

Prudom said players from both the men’s and women’s teams will be competing in the event.

“A lot of players from the Lambton team are involved and we actually have some of our own students involved with the event as well, both volunteering and participating, so I’m hoping it’s going to be a fun-filled event for a Sunday afternoon.”

Prudom said the event will also feature some giveaways and a half-court shot competition.

With files from Stephanie Chaves