Oil Museum reopens after ‘significant’ renovations

Oil Museum of Canada in Oil Springs. (Photo by Lambton County)

You can now check out renovations done at the Oil Museum of Canada over the past year.

The museum, along with other museums and galleries in the county, reopened February 2. The museum in Oil Spring has been closed since construction began in January 2021.

Manager of Museums, Gallery, and Archives Laurie Webb said they’re excited for visitors to see improvements to the overall facility and its accessibility.

“We’ve made some pretty significant changes to the building and to the main exhibition hall so we’re really excited to see the public come in,” she said.

The museum opened in 1960 and hadn’t gone through any significant renovations for about 30 years.

“We did renovations on the heating and cooling system, on electrical, on flooring, we took the opportunity also to completely renovate the main exhibition hall as well. So we’ve got new display cases and lighting.”

The museum has also introduced new exhibits, interactive learning experiences, and improved visitor amenities.

Webb said plans are underway for a grand reopening celebration later this year.

Planning is also underway for the return of Black Gold Fest this summer.

“Black Gold Fest is an annual event we have at the Oil Museum where we host demonstrations in our blacksmith shop, we have activities, we have kids’ crafts, and that type of stuff happening on site. Sometimes there’s live music, every year it’s a little different.”

Webb said it’s a great family-friendly opportunity for people to check out the museum and explore the grounds.