Discarded Christmas trees will soon line Sarnia’s streets

Discarded Christmas trees. Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / axelbueckert.

The City of Sarnia is reminding residents of the dos and don’t when it comes to tossing out Christmas trees.

Manager of Operations Services Bryan Prouse said Christmas trees will begin to be collected the week of January 10.

Residents are advised to take their trees to the curb after 6 p.m. the night before their garbage collection date or before 7 a.m. the day of.

“A special truck will come by and collect the trees,” he said. “The trees are to be de-decorated, all tinsel and ornaments removed, all stands removed and placed at the curb without a plastic bag or other container.”

Prouse also said any trees wrapped in a bag or tied up at the curb will not be collected.

The collected trees will be ground into mulch which is why they cannot contain any sort of decoration.

Although some residents may be eager to get rid of their Christmas décor and take the tree out early, it’s not advised.

“The city recommends you put your Christmas tree out on the day of collection. This will prevent or avoid any effect of windy days or perhaps a snowfall where we have to come by and make windrows with piled snow and bury the trees,” said Prouse.

Residents are also reminded that gift wrap is not recyclable.

“It’s due to the dyes in the paper itself and it affects the recycled products so our service provider prefers not to collect Christmas wrap,” said Prouse.

Recycle bins that contain non-recyclable material will likely be left at the curb uncollected so as to avoid curbside sorting.

Additional information about brush and tree collection can be found by clicking here.

-With files from Stephanie Chaves