Petrolia native, Bunkie Life founder featured on Dragons’ Den

Bunkie Life is featured on CBC's Dragons' Den (Photo courtesy of David Fraser)

A Petrolia native will be on the hit TV show ‘Dragons’ Den’ Thursday night, pitching his unique invention to five potential investors.

David Fraser and his wife Karrie, who now live in Erin, ON, are the creators of a company called Bunkie Life.

He said it’s basically a pre-cut wooden Lego kit that can be set up in one weekend to give you extra room at your cottage or in your backyard.

David and Karrie Fraser on Dragons' Den (Photo courtesy of David Fraser)

David and Karrie Fraser on Dragons’ Den (Photo courtesy of David Fraser)

“We have clients that actually live in their bunkies full time,” said Fraser. “They’re the minority of our clients but it does happen. If you buy a bunkie off the shelf from us, you’ll get about 3.5 seasons out of it we’ll say. If you insulate the floor and roof you can probably get it up to 3.99 seasons. There’s always that -40 degree night that might get a bit too cold.”

Fraser said he came up with the idea in 2015 when his parents came to visit and they needed some extra space.

Since then, they’ve sold them to Canadians from coast to coast.

He said each bunkie is under 108 square feet, and doesn’t require a permit to install.

Thursday’s episode is being broadcast on CBC and CBC Gem beginning at 9 p.m.