Steamship freed from Lake Huron (GALLERY)

The Wilfred Sykes bulk freighter near the Blue Water Bridge after the large vessel lost its steering. 25 November 2021. (Photo by Blue Water Convention Centre in Port Huron)

A 678-foot long steamship had to be freed from Lake Huron, near the mouth of the St. Clair River, early Friday morning.

The Wilfred Sykes was downbound near the Blue Water Bridge when it’s believed the vessel suffered a mechanical failure and lost control of the steering at around 11:30 p.m. Thursday.

It’s believed the pilot dropped anchor to prevent a collision with the U.S. seawall near the Coast Guard Station.

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Sector Detroit told Sarnia News Today that the ship did not run aground.

The ship was freed shortly before 3 a.m. with the help of the tug Manitou.

Canadian Coast Guard Communications Advisor Lauren Solski said the vessel is reported to be anchored in the American waters of Lake Huron, approximately 8-10 kilometres offshore.

“There were no reports of any injuries or damage,” said Solski. “The crew is currently checking over all systems and will remain at anchor until cleared to depart by USCG Sector Detroit.”

A video of the incident was captured by cameras at the Blue Water Convention Centre in Port Huron.