Sarnia council to discuss outdoor patio extension

© Can Stock Photo / travnikovstudio

Outdoor patio’s at bars and restaurants in Sarnia could get an extension until next year.

City council will discuss the issue Monday morning during its regular meeting.

Mayor Mike Bradley said the direction is to continue the plan until December 2022.

“And also to look at doing some other things, like limiting the number of licenses for refreshment vehicles would be lifted — they would still have to follow the rules and couldn’t be parked in front of restaurants, but we’ve capped them in the past and the question is ‘why are we doing that?’ So, there’s a lot of good things that have come out of dealing with what we do as a city as it relates to the business sector and the community.”

Bradley said this plan is not just about the downtown.

“This is about the entire community and how restaurants and patios function, and how they interact with their own neighbourhoods.”

Public input will likely be sought in the new year.

Bradley believes the extension would be a really good direction for the city.

“And it’s one of those things that came out of the pandemic that showed often, communities, cities were too rigid in some of their rules. So, this is reflecting the fact that it worked, and can we make it even better?”

The public portion of council’s meeting gets going at 10 a.m.