COVID outbreak reported at Bluewater Health

Bluewater Health hospital in Sarnia. (Photo by BWH from Facebook)

A COVID-19 outbreak is being reported in Bluewater Health’s general medicine unit.

In a media release, Communications Chief Julia Oosterman said two patients and two staff have tested positive for the virus.

“We are confident we are able to get this outbreak under control, as we have each time we have had COVID in our hospital. Not only has the source of the outbreak been removed, but impacted staff are all isolating at home.”

Oosterman said over the next 48 hours, Bluewater Health will determine appropriate next steps to ensure continued care and safety of both staff and patients.

Oosterman said the hospital continues to support its mandatory vaccination policy which came into effect a few days ago. She added that vaccinations reduce the impact to operational changes and that Friday’s news could have been much worse without mandatory vaccinations in place.

Two or more linked positive hospital-acquired cases within a 14-day period constitutes an outbreak according to provincial directive. An outbreak is declared when there’s evidence of transmission of the disease within the hospital on a single unit.

This is the fifth COVID-19 outbreak reported at Bluewater Health.