Sombra couple wins $700K on scratch ticket

Gary Rankin and Ashley Bird of Sombra celebrate after winning a $700,000 top prize with INSTANT SUPREME 7. October 2021. (Photo provided by OLG)

A Sombra couple who thought they had won $700 on a lottery ticket, were pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be worth a whole lot more.

Gary Rankin and Ashley Bird are now $700,000 richer after winning the top prize with Instant Supreme 7.

Bird said the two were in their car driving when she checked the scratch ticket using the OLG app.

“I thought we won $700 at first but when I looked again, I noticed the number was a lot bigger! It didn’t seem real!”

The couple plans to use their winnings to purchase a new vehicle and invest in their futures. They also planned on having a nice dinner when they arrived home.

The winning ticket was purchased at Courtright Variety on St. Clair Parkway.