NDP elected in St. Pat’s student mock vote

Students at St. Pat's in Sarnia vote in the mock federal election - Sept 20/21 (Photo courtesy of Blake Morrison)

The results of the St. Pat’s high school mock federal election were different than the actual outcome.

Students elected NDP candidate Adam Kilner with 304 votes, while Conservative Marilyn Gladu, who won the real vote, placed second with 238.

Civics Teacher Blake Morrison said it wasn’t too much of a surprise to see Kilner come out on top.

“What I’ve found is that young people really identify with the platforms and the issues, typically, that those parties on the left side of the spectrum speak to,” said Morrison. “That’s particularly true with what’s transpired in recent years in regards to climate change.”

Morrison said PPC candidate Brian Everaert did well amongst students.

“The one that surprised me the most was the strength of the People’s Party candidate amongst young people,” he said. “He had a strong showing within our school body, finishing a respectable third place with 223 votes.”

The Green’s Stephanie Bunko received 108 votes, Liberal candidate Lois Nantais got 89 votes, and Christian Heritage Party’s Tom Laird had 28.

Morrison said it’s extremely important for students to be aware and educated about politics.

“These young people, often by the ages of 14 or 15, are awakening to the aspects of citizenship but their lives are such that it really doesn’t register in terms of their priorities,” he said. “So, they’re hearing from someone like myself about the concepts and the importance of the rights and freedoms that we enjoy in this country.”

Across Canada, students at 5,478 schools elected Justin Trudeau to a minority government with 117 seats, followed by the NDP with 107.

Student mock elections are conducted by the organization www.studentvote.ca.