Consultation on citywide speed limit reduction planned

( file photo)

A citywide speed limit reduction is about to be up for discussion.

Sarnia council has directed staff to ask the public what they think about the idea of reducing speed limits to 40 km/h in most neighbourhoods, leaving arterial roads at their posted speed.

Councillor Brian White supports the consultation.

“I’ve certainly heard from people that are concerned about speeds, especially in residential neighbourhoods that don’t have schools in them,” said White. “I know that the popularity of the ‘Please Slow Down’ signs indicates that there are a lot of people out there that have issues with speeds through neighbourhoods as well.”

Councillor Terry Burrell asked that the recommendation be received and filed, but his request was defeated.

“I think that we’re going in the wrong direction on this,” said Burrell. “I think maybe in the future at some point this may come up, but I have not seen this come from the people at all. I think we should just acknowledge what’s in the system at this point and set it to the side. I don’t think we should be pursuing it.”

Councillor Mike Stark didn’t want to pursue the idea either.

“School zones are designated currently, and it seems to me that’s an appropriate recognition of traffic patterns that should be observed during school hours,” said Stark. “Other than that, I do not believe that this warrants a reduction in speed limit.”

Staff will explore opportunities for public engagement and report back on a pilot project for automated speed enforcement.