Sarnia-Lambton needs election workers, advance polls open

Voter cards from Elections Canada. ( file photo)

There’s a shortage of poll workers here in Sarnia-Lambton for this month’s federal election.

Elections Canada is now reaching out to residents 16-and-up to work on September 20.

Regional Media Advisor Rejean Grenier said despite the shortage, Elections Canada isn’t worried about not being able to run the election smoothly.

“We have all kinds of ways, all kinds of rules that are allowable where we can move people from one poll to another and from one position to another to ensure that the voters will have a safe and fairly quick voting experience.”

Grenier said it would still be better to have more people than they need.  He said in the 2019 election, Elections Canada hired 230,000 people.

“In this election, it’s the same thing — we’re looking for information officers, registration officers, central poll supervisors, all kinds of positions like that.  And these people have all different jobs.”

Grenier said election day is easily a 12-hour day for workers, adding that Elections Canada pays overtime.

“And so you can imagine, for example, a teenager at 16-years-old that does that job can make a little bundle in one day, and at the same time learn all about the electoral process and how it works from the inside.”

Pay starts at $17.72 per hour for most poll workers.  For more information on poll worker positions, click here.

Advance polls open Friday and run until Monday.

“Pretty well all the ridings in Canada are doing okay for advance polls — there’s less polls, so it is easier to fill all of the positions,” said Grenier.  “On polling day, we have a slew of polling locations, and therefore, we need a lot of people to work in them.”

For more information on ways to vote, click here.