Water billing will soon change in Point Edward

Tap water file photo by © Can Stock Photo / Elenathewise

Point Edward residents should not be shocked if they see a higher bill from Bluewater Power later this summer as it will include more than just one utility service.

The power company and the Village of Point Edward announced on Tuesday plans to group hydro and water/ sewer accounts together on one bill.

Bluewater Power President and CEO Janice McMichael-Dennis said the company was approached by the village to make the change.

“That normally allows for better cashable planning, better budgeting, and a more efficient overall process,” she said.

Bluewater Power staff have been reading water metres in Point Edward for approximately five years so McMichael-Dennis said combining the two services on one bill was a “natural evolution”.

“It has been a real collaborative effort and I give village staff a lot of credit and village council for making this decision to move forward in an effort to provide further options to residents.”

McMichael-Dennis said the transition will be seamless for residents.

“The first bill that customers will notice a change on will likely be coming out around that third week of August,” she said. “Residents need to do absolutely nothing so that’s the good thing. It’ll just show up on that August bill.”

McMichael-Dennis said the company has a long relationship with neighbouring municipalities, such as Sarnia and Petrolia, to provide combined billing services.

The final water bill from the Village of Point Edward, which covers use until June 24, will be due on July 26.

Further details for customers can be found by clicking here.